Suzuki Grand Vitara SQ416/SQ420/420WD

since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Suzuki Grandee of Wetar
+ General information
- Maintenance and greasing
   + Service
   - Maintenance
      - Engine
         Driving belt
         GRM belt (only for G16 engines)
         Klapanny gap (only for G16 engines)
         Engine oil and filter
         Cooling liquid
         Exhaust system
      + ignition System
      + Fuel system
      + System of decrease in toxicity of an exhaust
      + Chassis and body
      Final survey
   Recommended liquids and lubricants
+ Heater, ventilation and conditioner
+ Steering
+ Suspension bracket
+ Wheels and tires
+ Forward driving shaft/bearing of a shaft. Oil epiploon
+ Driveshafts
+ Brake system
+ Engines
+ Fuel system
+ ignition System
+ start System
+ release System
+ Transmissions
+ Coupling
+ Transfer
+ Forward and back differentials
+ Windows, mirrors, locks and security measures. Immobilizer
+ Electric equipment


Cooling liquid

In order to avoid receiving burns, do not turn off a radiator cover while the radiator did not cool down. Hot liquid and steam can take off under pressure if the cover is turned off too early.


  1. Turn off a radiator cover on the cooled-down engine.
  1. Turn off a drain stopper of a radiator and merge cooling liquid.
  2. Remove a broad tank, sideways from a radiator and merge liquid.
  3. Reliably tighten a stopper. Also establish a broad tank.
  4. Fill in in a radiator necessary amount of antifreeze and start the engine for 2-3 minutes on single turns. It will expel the air which has remained in system of cooling. Muffle the engine. Add necessary amount of antifreeze while level will not reach a radiator mouth. Twirl a radiator cover.
  5. Add antifreeze in a broad tank to «FULL» mark. Then twirl a tank stopper before coincidence of labels on a tank and a cover.

At installation of a cover of a broad tank, level labels on a tank and a cover.

  1. At replacement of cooling liquid, use a mix from an equal quantity of water and antifreeze for the countries where ambient temperature during the winter period is lower 16°С (3°F), and a mix from 70 % of water and 30 % of antifreeze for the countries where ambient temperature does not fall below - 16°С (3°F). For the countries in which there are no negative temperatures, in any case use a mix of 70 % of water and 30 % of antifreeze for corrosion prevention, for protection and greasing.  
1 — a broad tank
2 — a mark at most
3 — a mark at least
4 — a label
5 — a cover of a broad tank