Suzuki Grand Vitara SQ416/SQ420/420WD

since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Suzuki Grandee of Wetar
+ General information
+ Maintenance and greasing
+ Heater, ventilation and conditioner
- Steering
   + Suspension bracket, wheels and tires
   + Adjustment of corners of installation of wheels of a forward suspension bracket
   - Power steering system
      - Main description
         Power steering system
         Power steering case
         Power steering pump
      + Diagnostics
   + Steering wheel and steering column
+ Suspension bracket
+ Wheels and tires
+ Forward driving shaft/bearing of a shaft. Oil epiploon
+ Driveshafts
+ Brake system
+ Engines
+ Fuel system
+ ignition System
+ start System
+ release System
+ Transmissions
+ Coupling
+ Transfer
+ Forward and back differentials
+ Windows, mirrors, locks and security measures. Immobilizer
+ Electric equipment


Power steering pump

The pump of the power steering has lopastny type and is actuated by a poliklinovy belt from a cranked shaft.

1 — a soaking-up branch pipe
2 — a sealing ring
3 — the pressure sensor
4 — perepuskny the valve
5 — a spring
6 — a stopper
7 — a pump cover
8 — a statorny ring

9 — a shovel
10 — a rotor
11 — a lock ring
12 — a lateral rack
13 — a pump pulley
14 — an epiploon
15 — the pump case
16 — perepuskny the valve assembled


Pump type

Regulation of pressure of liquid

Working pressure

6500 kPas (65 kg/cm2, 924 psi) — for the G16 engine

7000 kPas (70 kg/cm2, 995 psi) — for the J20 engine

The supervising device

Account valve

Reduktsionny valve

Relay of pressure of the power steering

The relay turns on (is closed) when pressure exceeds 2500-3500 kPas (25-35 kg/cm2, 356-498 psi). The control unit the engine uses this signal for idling regulation.


0.70-0.75 l

Applied liquid

DEXRON ® II, DEXRON ® the III liquid for AKPP or equivalent

Account valve

Unloading of the pump of the hydraulic booster in proportion increases pump turns, the account valve, is applied here to regulation of giving of optimum amount of liquid according to engine turns.

Below operation of the account valve is given at various speed of the engine.