Suzuki Grand Vitara SQ416/SQ420/420WD

since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Suzuki Grandee of Wetar
+ General information
+ Maintenance and greasing
+ Heater, ventilation and conditioner
+ Steering
+ Suspension bracket
+ Wheels and tires
+ Forward driving shaft/bearing of a shaft. Oil epiploon
+ Driveshafts
+ Brake system
- Engines
   + Mechanical part of the G16 engine
   + Mechanical part of the J20 engine
   - Engine cooling
      - General description
         + Components of system of cooling
         Circulation of system of cooling
         The coupling of the fan of cooling system
         Cooling liquid
      + Diagnostics
      + Maintenance
      + Routine maintenance of a vehicle
      Necessary service materials
      Technical characteristics of the rotating moment of an inhaling
+ Fuel system
+ ignition System
+ start System
+ release System
+ Transmissions
+ Coupling
+ Transfer
+ Forward and back differentials
+ Windows, mirrors, locks and security measures. Immobilizer
+ Electric equipment


Cooling liquid

The system of regeneration of cooling liquid is standard. Cooling liquid in a radiator extends in process of heating, and surplus gathers in the tank. When the system is cooled, cooling liquid flows back in a radiator. The system of cooling liquid was filled at plant with the qualitative cooling liquid representing a mix of 50/50 waters and antifreeze ethylene glycol.

This mix 50/50 cooling solution gives protection against freezing to - 36°С (-33°F).

  • Support protection against freezing of system of cooling at - 36°С (-33°F) to provide protection against corrosion and loss of cooling liquid because of boiling. It is necessary to do it even then when the low temperature and is not expected.
  • Add cooling liquid on a basis glycol ethylene, when cooling liquid is necessary for adding because of loss of cooling liquid or to provide additional protection against a promerzaniye at temperature below - 36°С (-33°F).

Scheme of selection of composition of antifreeze

Freezing temperature


- 36


- 33

Concentration of antifreeze / anticorrosive cooling liquid



Mix ratio to cooling water

G16 engine



US pt


Imp. Pt.


J20 engine



US pt


Imp. Pt.


Cooling ability  



Engine, radiator and heater



G16 engine

ltr. (US/

4.6 (9.7/8.1)

0.9 (1.9/1.6)

5.5 (11.6/9.7)

J20 engine

ltr. (US/

5.6 (11.8/9.1)

0.9 (1.9/1.6)

6.5 (13.7/11.4)

  • Cooling liquids on the basis of alcohol or methanol or only idle time water never should be used in cooling system how it can lead to damage of cooling system.
  • Cooling liquid should be mixed with the distilled water or demineralized water.